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Assurance on W3 Wool Unleashed use of funding – Audit report
Protein: A Chinese Perspective – Report
Impossible-Burger – Case Study – Report
Opportunities in plant based foods – Protein – Report
The Evolution of Plant Protein – Assessing Consumer Response – Report
Hill Country Erosion – Case Study 1 - Horizons Regional Council and the Hill Country Erosion Programme
Fact sheet
Final Workshop Report - Orca Capture Incident Workshop
Technical paper
2012 Compliance Risk Profile of the Sub-Antarctic Southern Blue Whiting Fisheries
2013 Compliance Risks (Update) Sub-Antarctic Southern Blue Whiting Fisheries
2016 NZ Total Diet Study (with Appendices) – report
2016 NZ Total Diet Study (without Appendices) – report
2016 NZ Total Diet Study (Appendices only) – report
Omega Lamb Financial Audit – Report
See, contain, report newsletter – May 2018
Geospatial Position Reporting Devices
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