Import health standards

Import health standards are documents issued under section 24A of the Biosecurity Act 1993. They state the requirements that must be met before risk goods can be imported into New Zealand.

IHS guidance documents

MPI has produced guidance documents to help you meet the requirements of import health standards. While you do not have to comply with the guidance, MPI considers the guidance best practice. Where available, these are listed with the related standard.

Revoked import health standards

During the transition to a new import health standard (IHS), the standards being revoked will be listed as related documents of the new IHS. You can search for any IHS using its short code, but if it's an IHS about to be revoked it will appear as a related document under the new IHS. Click on the '+' sign to see related documents.

If you can't find the IHS for your commodity, email

Importer alerts

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Animal fibre - Import Health Standard

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Download document [PDF, 195 KB]

Import Health Standard (IHS)

Dried and Preserved Plant Material, and Fresh Plant Material for Testing, Analysis or Research - Import Health Standard

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Download document [PDF, 401 KB]

Import Health Standard (IHS)

Grains/Seeds for Consumption, Feed or Processing Plant Health Requirements - Import Health Standard

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Download document [PDF, 1030 KB]

Import Health Standard (IHS)

Processed Animal Feeds of Plant Origin - Import Health Standard

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Download document [PDF, 584 KB]

Import Health Standard (IHS)

Stored Plant Products Intended for Human Consumption - Import Health Standard

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Download document [PDF, 431 KB]

Import Health Standard (IHS)
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