A list of requirements you need to meet when exporting live poultry.

Animal Welfare Export Certificate (AWEC)

Laboratory requirements

All laboratories that test live animals and germplasm for export must operate under the Recognised Laboratory Programme.


Animal Products (Export Approved Premises) Notice 2011
Animal Products (Recognised Agencies and Persons Specifications) Notice 2015
Animal Products Notice: Official Assurances Specifications for Animal Material and Animal Products

Codes of Practice

The Codes of Practice (COP) are the guidance material containing the recommended standards for exporters of live animals and germplasm exports.

Export Verification Programme

Live Animal and Germplasm Export Verification Programme
Official Assurance Programme

OMARs and export certificate templates

To view the password protected export certificate templates, click the '+' next to the OMAR for your commodity and country of destination.

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Published after date must be later than or the same as Published before date.
Published before date must be earlier than or the same as Published after date.
Day-Old Chicks / Hatching Eggs (Poultry, Turkeys and Other Bird Species) to the Republic of Vanuatu - OMAR
Overseas Market Access Requirement (OMAR)
Day-Old-Birds of Galliformes (including Pheasants, Guinea Fowls, Grouse, Partridges, Turkeys, Quails) and Pigeons to West Malaysia - OMAR
Overseas Market Access Requirement (OMAR)
Day-old-chickens to Malaysia - OMAR
Overseas Market Access Requirement (OMAR)
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