Getting your RMP verified

After registering your RMP, you must get it checked regularly by an MPI-recognised verifier to ensure you are complying with the law.

About verification

Verification is the process of checking a business is complying with the requirements of the Animal Products Act to ensure it delivers product that is fit for intended purpose. Verifiers do this by assessing whether operators are following their registered RMP and any market access requirements (such as OMARs).

Using a recognised verifier

Verification can only be performed by people who work for a MPI-recognised verifying agency. The agency will visit and verify your records regularly to check that your RMP is delivering product fit for purpose. The verifier must confirm in writing that they are willing to verify your RMP on an ongoing basis. You need to include their confirmation with your application.

Lists of recognised verification agencies are sorted by product:

Verification frequency

Compliance with your registered RMP must be checked (verified) regularly by a recognised verifying agency. Your first verification will usually occur within one to six months of your RMP registration date, depending on the type of animal product you process. Check the relevant food sector to find out more:

How often your operation is verified after that depends on your level of compliance with the registered RMP and any market access requirements. If your operation complies with the documented programme, less frequent verification is required. More frequent visits are needed if your RMP is not compliant, or you export product.

You are responsible for ensuring verification occurs before the deadline and for paying for the verification visit.

For more information on external verification, see the 'Operating the Registered RMP: External verification' section of the RMP manual.

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