Our strategy

Our purpose is "Growing and Protecting New Zealand." Our strategy tells the story of what we need to achieve to ensure the success of the primary sector for the benefit of all New Zealanders.

Our Strategy

The 4 outcomes we're working towards


New Zealand's food and primary sector grows the value of its exports.
  • MPI must enable New Zealand’s social and economic success – the primary sector makes up over 75 percent of New Zealand’s merchandise exports.


New Zealand's natural resources are sustainable, in the primary sector.
  • The primary industries are the largest user of New Zealand’s natural resources, and MPI is an important regulator and advisor on their sustainable use.


New Zealand is protected from biological risk and our products are safe for all consumers.
  • New Zealand’s prosperity depends on protecting our unique environment and way of life, and New Zealand’s reputation for integrity – our products are what we say they are.


New Zealanders participate in the success of the primary industries.
  • The primary sector is part of New Zealand’s social fabric – it can only succeed with the participation of New Zealanders.

Our priorities

 We have 6 priority areas we'll focus on during the next 2 to 3 years.


Why this priority now?

Ease of business
People and business-focused regulations and services

 As New Zealand exports to more markets, our exporters face greater complexity. The way MPI configures regulation, information and services for customers will make a big difference to compliance, growth and trust.

Market success

Market access, insight, and assurances

There are big market opportunities internationally and MPI can provide the market access, tools and information to help exporters build new high-value products.

Sustainable performance

Sustainable primary sector resource use, supported by science


In the face of climate change, competition for land use, rising consumer expectations, and environmental limits, the primary sector must continue to adapt.

Realising potential

Building long-term capability and optimising the way we work

MPI is a critical institution of New Zealand and we need to build long-term capability while getting the most from our resources in a dynamic operating environment.


Enabling action in the primary and government sectors

We need to solve some big issues and we don’t hold all the cards.  Our outcomes are shared with others across the public and private sectors, and collective action is needed.  

New Zealanders

Informed, engaged, and supportive

As the economy grows, risks also grow across our systems. We need a team of 4.7 million New Zealanders to work with us and to work in the primary sectors.


Download a poster about our strategy [PDF, 1.9 MB]

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